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Butternut squash and coconut soup with fresh baked bread
Roast Beef
Cut Green Beans

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For Butternut Squash soup you will need this
Brown the beef
Prepare some vegetables
chop an onion
heat some olive oil and butter
Fry the onions without browning
Chop the squash in half
Scrape out the pips
Quarter it and peel it ( why are they so hard to peel )
Dice it
Put it in with the onions and warm through
Pound up a little fresh ginger to taste
Add enough hot water to cover
Simmer till tender
Roast some tatties
Bake some bread
When the squash is tender whizz it up till smooth
Chop off a lump of coconut cream to taste
Add the pounded ginger and coconut cream
Add some double cream
Save the meat juices for gravy
Let the meat rest for 10 minutes ( you would need a rest if you had been in a hot oven for an hour and a half )
Add some of the vegatable water and thicken the gravy
Slice the beef
Lay the table
Dish up the soup
Me ready to enjoy
main course
main course without hands
Mrs Phil ( Jan ) eats
The dogs get a share too

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