Sunday Dinner


Home made beef pie
Boiled Potatoes
Stir fried white cabbage

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Chop and fry an onion
Cut some cheap stewing beef into small cubes
Fry The onions till they begin to colour
Turn up the heat and start to add the beef a little at a time
Add any blood from the pack this makes for a good flavour
Add enough water to barely cover and then simmer till the meat is tender
12 Oz of plain flour
6 Oz of butter or margarine
Into the food processor with a teaspoon of salt and 6 Oz butter or margarine
Wizz to a fine crumb
Add a couple of tablespoons of water to make a dough
A dollop of dough
Roll out the bottom and line a greased tin ( well I lightly oil it )
Whne the beef is tender thicken the sauce a litttle and spoon int the pie case
Roll out the top
Wet the edges
Put he top on and cut round and crimp the edges with a fork then trim the surplus off
It should look like this now
Make some decoration from the left over pastry and then make a hole in the middle to let the steam out
Shred some white cabbage
Chop an onion up
Crush and peel some Garlic
Chop some ham
Fry the onion and the ham in some olive oil
Chop a tomato
Add the cabbage and the tomato to the onion and garlic
Season with a little light soy sauce
Stir in a good blob of butter
Mash some potato
The pie is ready ( now my dad tought me to judge when something is properly cooked he told me " when it's brown it's done, when its black it's buggered"
Dished up and ready to eat

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