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The ingredients
Heat some olive oil
Chop some onion and crush some garlic
Chop a red pepper
Chop some tomatoes
Fry the onions. pepper, and garlic fora few minutes and add some minced beef
Add some basil them cook till it looks and tastes good
Grate some nice strong cheese
Chop the tops off the peppers and scrape out the seeds and stand them in a ramekin ( Sod's law says if you don't they will fall over )
Fill the peppers with the meat and put the tops on
All ready to be poked into a nice hot oven for about half an hour
Optionally when they come out of the oven bubble and blacken the skin a little with a flame thrower
Dish it up with a jacket potato
smother the potato in colesterol packed butter and sprinkle liberally with cheese and then enjoy
And now the washing up

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