Jan And Phil entertained in Den Haag Netherlands by Debra and Matt

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Arriving in Amsterdam
On The Den Haag Train
Jan Deb and Matt waiting for the coffee to arrive ( except Deb had Pepsi light and Jan had tea
Jan Phil Deb and Matt pictured by a stranger with a shakey hand
oooh its blooming cold aint it
I didnt Know you could skate Deb says to Jan
Matt running off with the ladies
Houses of parliament first house
King Wilhelm the 3 who was Injured at Waterloo
Dont know why Deb is laughing the crowd will soon start to throw rubbish at her
Cornelius De Witt
The Queens house ( she was in but didnt come out to see us)
The Dutch Royal standard
Time for lunch in a nice dutch restaurant
something was funny
waiting for a bus
Boy with finger in dyke preventing the flooding of holland and saving the nation
A deb with clogs on
And not to be out done A jan with clogs on
A model of a basilica showing the detail of the models in the park
Even Deb is tall here
That sun aint half in my eye
Another 8 inches Jan and we would be taller than the windmill
A real heron dwarfs the little folk
beautiful bonsai, these tress are all real growing trees about 1'6" ( 450mm) high
Waiting for a tram in the sun
Jan with boots the cat
Socks the cat

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