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Some Basmati rice
1 Hand full per person
Boil some water
If you want fluffy separate rice wash of all the starch
Some nice pork loin
The rest of the Ingredients
Wipe a heavy pan with olive oil and season liberally with salt an black pepper then heat the pan till it really hot
When th water boils add the rice
Fry the pork briskly for a couple of minutes each side and keep warm in oven
When the rice is just firm to the bite drain and wash in hot water and then place over boiling water, this gaurentees separate fluffy rice every time
Add the double cream to the pan
Chop up some nice stinky blue stilton
Add it to the cream and boil till all melted then add a couple of spoons of mayonnaise
Add some capers
Add a good knob of butter
Put the rice in a serving dish
Dish up the pork and spoon over sauce
Sit and enjoy

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