Valerie and Jennifer's birthday party

Click the first picture to see the slide show

A salmon for the buffet
All dressed up ready to eat
Have a dip
The buffet
More food
Jennifers and valeries cakes
Kids play musical chairs
Party popper
Sue with Yasmin and Sofia
Men play musical chairs
Linda Louise and virtual baby
Jessica dances
A happy Rosemary
Happy birthday to you
DJ Dean
A pint of curry
bill wins
DJ Phil
Roy wins
Sara and Phil
DJ Sara
Ladies play musical chairs
Valerie and Tim
Some folks
Joyce Celia Valerie and Sharon
Ian Adrian and Brian
Tim, Sue, Valerie and jan
Jess gives Jan a kiss
Robert and girlfriend
the kids play
Gavin and Bill
Jan Laverene and Steve
Pass the parcel
Jan and Jane
Musical chairs
Ian and Sara
some people
some more people
Brian and sue
mixed musical chairs
Jesscia charms a stranger
Vivien and Ewan
the kids dancing
any requests
Leslie and comforting virtual baby
LL Jess and Sara
DJ phil
Brian Roy Ian and Rosemary

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