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At breakfast...Chris Barry,,,Red Dwarf and Brittas empire
At Breakfast...... Lord Montaugue of Beaulieu
My Carriage awaits ... a 1903 De-Dion Bouton single cylinder 6 Horse power
Lord Montagues 1904 22 horse power Daimler
Off we go view from my seat
Lining up at the start in Hyde park
lots of fumes
the folks in this car will stay drier
The're off
At the start
Past Buckingham palace
We break down 4 miles after starting
Wating for repairs after second breakdown after 6 miles
Pit stop for fuel and oil
It looks like Lord Montague will be pleased to be there
Hurry up Phil is cold and wet...The family wait for me to finish
Lord Montague finished 30 minutes before my arrival
neraly there here I come
At last we have arrived after 6 hours for 50 miles
on to the finish line

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