The Wedding of

Sara Jane Masters to Dean Mitchell Tobin
 14 September 2002 

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Sara The beautiful bride.jpg (40800 bytes)
The Beautiful Bride

Sara and mum Jan .jpg (37381 bytes)
Sara and Mum

Sara and dad Phil.jpg (31115 bytes)
Sara and dad

The register.jpg (33852 bytes)
The Register

Sara signs.jpg (27222 bytes)
Sara Signs

well thats it Ive done it now.jpg (37817 bytes)
Well I've done it now

the attendants.jpg (38211 bytes)
The Attendants

Dad Mum Sara Dean and Norma Dean's.jpg (64428 bytes)
Phil Jan Sara Dean Norma

Alle-up.jpg (60778 bytes)

The tables are ready.jpg (41323 bytes)
The tables are ready

The cake.jpg (37284 bytes)
The Cake

mmm a nice little wine.jpg (41096 bytes)
mmm a nice little red

accustomed as I am.jpg (33894 bytes)
Accustomed as I am

Is this made of concrete.jpg (33209 bytes)
Is this made of concrete

Phil brother Stan and wife Maria.jpg (34461 bytes)
Phil brother Stan and his wife maria