Making a beef  hot pot with a suet pastry top
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Fry an onion and some carrot
Chop some beef
Brown the beef
Throw it in the pot with the carrots and onion
Chop some manky tomatoes
fry the tomatoes for a minute
Make some stock using something or the other I used Bovril
Boil up the tomatoes in the stock
Get the spuds
Peel the spuds
Prepare the vegetables ( take them from the freezer )
Ready to cook
Stuff for suet dough
150 Gramms flour ( 6 Oz. )
75 Gramms Suet ( 3 Oz. )
Put them in a bowl
Add a tad of salt
Add some cold water...not too much mind make a stiff dough
The dough
Pat it into a round
Put it on top of the meaty stuff
What it looks like when it's ready
Mash the spuds
Dish it up
The family enjoy
cameron gets some help
Julie munches
Jan poses

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